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Larch Housing Association is working closely with Rectory Homes to deliver affordable housing in the quintessential English market town of Thame, Oxfordshire. The site is situated within South Oxfordshire District Council. The town of Thame has an array of amenities with shops, restaurants, market centre and all of the everyday essentials you would expect to find in a thriving up and coming Oxford Town.

This new development is in close proximity to the historic town centre with easy access to all amenities.

Larch Housing Association has been offered the opportunity to be involved in delivery of an exciting new build development of 10 affordable housing units. The apartment block stands independent of surrounding properties and is being built to an extremely high specification which far exceeds the HCA standard specification for social housing.

The apartments consist of seven 1 & 2 bed rented units and three 1 & 2 bed shared ownership units. The apartments will have landscaped areas with car parking facilities.

Larch Housing Association strive to promote and deliver a high standard of affordable accommodation to the social housing sector in flourishing towns such as Thame, which allows local people to live and work in their own local area in good quality affordable homes.

West Derby Road, Liverpool

Tuebrook, Merseyside, Liverpool.

Larch Housing Association has an opportunity to develop a social housing scheme to accommodate elderly and vulnerable people in a multi-cultural area who are no longer capable of living independently in the community.

The scheme has the support of the local community who are aware of the urgent need for specialist accommodation which allows people to live where they want to live rather than having to move away from their familiar surroundings. The apartments will go some way to meet the high demand for social housing for those in need in the Tuebrook area.

The development will be a new build and consist of fifteen apartments 1 & 2 bed units, built to a high standard with state of the art technological monitored 24/7 safety systems to allow peace of mind and comfort to the residents. These features will give confidence to the residents and allow them the opportunity to live their lives as full as possible.